For over 60 Years, Restonic Mattress Corporation has been a leading supplier of commercial bedding products (Mattresses & Bedding Accessories) to the Hotel/Motel Industry, Collages/Universities, Commercial/Industrial products to customer specifications.
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Consumers Digest Best Buy Award Winner for quality and value.

Restonic bedding products are designed to offer the ultimate in sleep comfort and body support. Restonic is the industry leader in providing specialty bedding that even the most sleep – deprived consumer should consider.

With a long-standing tradition of researching, developing and engineering the highest quality sleep products, Restonic has been an integral part of the bedding industry for nearly three quarters of a century, a significant milestone very few mattress companies achieve.


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When you choose a Restonic mattress, you are choosing the kind of quality and innovation that results in a healthful sleep, each and every night. Whatever your needs, Restonic should be your “Source of Choice”. Our reputation for quality products, exclusive features and benefits, competitive prices and superior customer service is supported by over 30 manufacturing facilities worldwide. Stay up to date with our latest products and events, sign up to our newsletter with your email id.